How Players Benefit from Casino VIP Programs

While almost every online casino offers a welcome bonus in an effort to bring in new players, it is those that offer casino VIP programs that often experience the most success. These programs, often referred to as loyalty programs, ensure that casino goers continue to return to a particular venue in order to gamble.

Cash Back Rewards

The best casino VIP programs are those that offer their players cash back rewards. This cash back can be provided in a variety of ways including a percentage of the money a player loses over the course of a month or even a percentage of the money a player spends over the same timeframe. Some casinos offer a 10% cash back bonus of up to $500 a month to players who spend a lot of money regularly, and this can add up over the course of a year.

Points Systems

Aside from the traditional cash back rewards, casinos will sometimes offer casino loyalty points. These points are awarded to players as they spend money in the venue. For instance, a casino may provide players with one loyalty point for every $10 they spend. Then, once the player has accrued a certain number of points, they can be redeemed for valuable prizes or even casino cash. Since the points are earned based upon each wager made, they accrue surprisingly quickly.

Tiered Programs

Another way to keep players coming back is with tiered casino VIP programs that not only offer rewards for loyalty, but give players tiers through which they can climb to keep the anticipation high. As an example, with the first tier of a VIP program, a player may receive a 5% bonus on all future deposits over $100 and a 5% reduction in tournament entry fees. With the second tier, the player may receive a 10% bonus and 10% fee reduction. Finally, with the third tier, the player may get 20% bonuses and 20% reductions in tournament entry fees.


Some casinos will supplement their VIP programs with sweepstakes and giveaways that can only be entered if certain goals were met. As an example, a venue may give away four concert tickets every week and only players who have spent $300 that week playing blackjack are eligible. Especially reputable venues will often give away a different prize each week in order to encourage players to continue spending their money. This benefits both the casino and the player; everyone wants to win a big prize!

Newsletter and Leaderboard Recognition

Finally, many casino loyalty programs include newsletter and leaderboard recognition. Of course, a leaderboard lists the names of those players who have won the most money in the casino and everyone wants to see their names here. Newsletter recognition may be provided to the player who wins the most tournaments, who wins the largest pot, who plays the highest stakes or even who earns the most money in the form of bonuses over the course of a year.