Best Internet Casino Software Providers

Without online casino software, there would be no internet gambling industry at all. The software is the foundation for every single game available on the internet, and if this software isn't of the best quality, then a casino would lose business to its competition. A lot of time, research and marketing study goes into determining what players want, and a lot of genius goes into developing the technology necessary for providing it. Companies like Microgaming, Betsoft and others have been creating casino games for decades and, arguably, are some of the best developers in the industry.

The Gist of Internet Casino Software

In order for a software developer to create online casino software that will be in demand by the actual casino proprietors, there are several things that must happen. First, the developer must understand what the players actually want in their games. Then, they must work out all of the digital 'kinks' and discover methods for bringing these games to the screens of computers and mobile devices. Finally, they have to package everything together in order to ensure the absolute best gaming experience possible.


Much of the information that a software developer will use to create and develop new games comes from surveys that are provided to average gamblers. For this reason, when players are provided with surveys via email or in-game, they should always take the time to complete them. In the event that the casino asks players to rate games, this should always be done as well. All of this information is used to determine what is wrong with current casino games and what players would like to see in future offerings. Of course, there are also surveys provided to casino owners so that the developer can get a feel for the complaints they receive.

Wide Range of Software

There is a wide variety of online casino software available and this is because different gamblers want different things. While there are some players who want easy to use cut-and-dry mechanics, others want the animations and user-customizable options that allow them to create their own gaming experiences. For this reason, there are some software developers which focus upon simple games with less-than-realistic graphics simply because they are easier to use. Conversely, some of the gaming giants focus on realistic 3D software that is designed to mimic the experience a player would have in a live casino.

Same Developer - Different Casinos

As players browse the web and try out the games in different casinos, they will likely notice that many of the games offered by online casinos look almost identical. This is because many of the major developers such as Microgaming, Playtech, Betsoft, Net Entertainment and others create and provide software for hundreds of different online venues. However, they do provide some options to the casino proprietor as far as adjusting payout percentages (within fair limits, of course) and the way the games look aesthetically. In some cases, the casino owner can even choose whether or not to allow a live dealer to host games. Are you having trouble figuring out which gambling site to choose? Find the best Canadian casino sites on, complete with short overviews of what the establishments offer in terms of games, game providers, banking options, and promotions.